Optional extra: Bluetooth connector

Most boat owners prefer reliable hard-wired connections for the transmission of critical navigation data.  However, there is some demand for bluetooth enabled multiplexers, mainly for transmission to a PDA or small notebook that can be used in different positions on the boat. Nevertheless, we have decided not to offer bluetooth as an integral feature of Brookhouse multiplexers for several reasons. In the first place, there are now a number of competetively priced serial-bt adapters on the market with very strong features, such as extended range. These units provide better functionality than any integral bt transmitter can do. Furthermore, it is advantageous to keep wireless transmission separated from the core tasks of the multiplexer for service reasons. Instead of integral bt, Brookhouse can offer an optional connector  for several industry standard plug-in type bt modules. 5V power is supplied by the multiplexer via one of the connector pins.  Please contact us for more information.