Brookhouse now contribute to the world wide AIS vessel tracking site Live AIS data of the inner Hauraki Gulf and Auckland harbour is transmitted via the Internet to the website in Greece. Our station is unusual in that the AIS receiver (a Comar class B AIS transponder) is on board a sailing yacht in Pine Harbour marina. A brookhouse iMux (WiFi NMEA 0183 multiplexer) sends combined data from AIS, GPS and instruments to a 3G wireless router in the mast. When in port, the 3G link is not used and the router sends the data stream across the Maungamaungaroa Estuary to a PC at our shore location 2 nm away. The AIS data is extracted from the data stream and is sent to our office broadband router via another WiFi link. From there the AIS data is forwarded to the marinetraffic website. When underway, the 3G connection of the on-board router is switched on and AIS data is directly forwarded to the marinetraffic website via the Vodafone 3G mobile broadband connection, for as long there is 3G coverage. The USB 3G modem is plugged in the 3G router in the mast. The elevated position results in better than average coverage in coastal areas. The 3G link can be used simultaneously for web browsing, in particular to receive Internet weather maps and email, using the on-board laptop and an iPad.